Freya E.R.R. Hrastic

Morning! I’ve just seen that The Office of National Statistics has released the most popular baby names for 2009 – and it made me smile because Freya probably has half of them. You see I’ve never been very good at decision-making. And neither is my partner, Marko. So with us two added together, plus some sleep deprivation and one of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make, well, that equals two heads in the name-making sand. We went for all of them. Yes, we registered our precious baby, deep breath, Freya Elizabeth Ruby Rolison Hrastic.

Now, I do still feel happy with Freya’s excessive name choice. And I’ll tell you for why. In each of our families there have been many wonderful people. We decided we’d make Freya’s middle name(s) a family one, and we wanted her namesakes to be both Marko’s aunty Ruby, and my great nan, Bet. Two very special women. When it came to her first name Freya was literally the only one, in all the six library loaned baby name books we looked through, that we both could agree on. Yes, really. So Freya’s name was decided.

But, the problem for me is this. While most parents dread the thought of their baby going to school one day, I do too but for probably an entirely different reason. She’s going to hate us isn’t she? Apart from the fact they’ll probably have to create a seperate register just for her, I discovered something else quite shocking too. It was the day her NHS card came through the post. Full of excitement I scanned the contents to find to my great alarm that my baby’s name had become Freya E.R.R. Hrastic. Err indeed. And this is why women clearly need more support from midwives and health visitors these days. Somebody should have stopped me. I’m sure Marko’s aunty Ruby, and my lovely great nan Bet, are smiling right now.

So, what are the two new most popular baby names? Oliver for the boys and Olivia for the girls. Find your baby name here…

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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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