Fireworks and Irony

Bonfire night is my favourite time of the year! Christmas is coming, there are leaves on the ground, I can get out my new winter coat, gloves and hat… What’s not to love? Although, apparently the baby me wasn’t quite so keen, according to my family I could be a little dramatic about a big bang and was notorious for screaming throughout fireworks night. But this didn’t put me off wanting to take Freya to our local display at Blackheath. I just wanted to see her face as she saw the explosions of colour in the sky – and I had an image of excited smiles in mind rather than terrified screams…

I made sure she was all wrapped up in her pram and got out her pink Edz Kidz Ear Defenders – they came in handy for the festivals in the summer and I knew they’d be good for 5th November too. When we got to the heath there were literally thousands of people, and as the first fireworks lit up the sky Freya stared up stunned, gave a little wimper and relaxed. Then her head tipped back, and from that moment on she stared up in a transfixed daze and, wait for it, fell asleep. To the Fireworks. So all those times I’ve tip-toed around while she sleeps, my heart sinking when she stirs, all those times I stroked her to sleep in a quiet, peaceful room, all I had to do was fill a field with the loudest noises possible and she’d drop off to sleep?! One thing I’ve definitely learnt is this, don’t try to second guess your baby, they will always surprise you.


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