Freya’s first birthday

Today I’m trying to plan Freya’s first birthday party. With less than a month to go the pressure is on. But it’s less about the timeframe, and more because it feels like another huge milestone. Being a mum…planning a birthday party…feels quite terrifying. I’ve got to get it right. I remember a whole childhood of party bags and home-made birthday cakes and I want Freya to have the same. Also, it feels like this is the first time all our friends and family will see if I’m making a success of this mum malarkey…so I’d like to carry it off like a pro if poss.

Call me crazy but I’ve decided to try and design my own invites to send out to Freya’s friends and relatives. I bought card, a card cutter, a ruler and lots of ribbons… then I got home and realised I had absolutely no idea where to start or what to do. The result was pitiful. Freya herself could have done better. So I put a few of her birth momentos and some bunting on the scanner and hoped for the best. And I think they came out okay…

Now I just need to come up with a party guestlist, as I started writing the names of friends and relatives it made me realise how many people Freya has shared her first year with!

My next step was to randomly google baby 1st Birthday Parties. I know but I was in need of inspiration. I kept seeing a familiar line about how this celebration will probably mean more to me than to Freya, who will be too busy ripping up the wrapping paper to notice any exciting treats I plan. So I figure so long as she is surrounded by all her favourite things and people, she’ll have a great time. And that means I get to choose the party theme! I’ve decided it’s going to be a vintage tea party. Which has been completely inspired by a whole range of really cool vintage style party products I saw (and bought) in John Lewis last week. Talking Tables have designed table cloths, doilies, cake toppers and napkins – they’re very cool and they’re not too expensive (£4.50 for a garland, £2.75 for 20 napkins, £4.50 for a table cover). Check out the website:
Next I ordered some personalised ribbon to wrap up her presents and tie around her fairy cakes too. It actually worked out relatively cheap at £1 a metre, although you’ve got to factor in postage. But she’s only 1 once, right?

I figure jelly has to come into play for a baby tea party…and I found these cute moulds in Lakeland.

So now I just need to learn how to bake a cake in the shape of a 1…right? Anything I’m forgetting? Remember I’ve never done this before…


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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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  1. Has she had her birthday yet?


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