Freya’s first steps

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If anyone had looked in through the windows of our front room on this bleak January afternoon, they’d have seen me running around screaming with my baby in my arms. No, there hadn’t been a major catastrophe, Freya took her first steps! It was a truly, awesome moment. After weeks of crouching with arms open wide, begging and pleading with her, Freya chose her moment when I was using my sewing machine and turned the other way. Typical. In fact, she casually sauntered past me! Well, kind of, at the moment she looks like a frail, little old lady taking tentative steps before plomping back down on the ground with a proud smile.

I wasn’t prepared for how proud I would feel…in fact I’m still on a high and totally filled with amazement. Although I admit it’s torn with fear that my baby is growing up! Still, well done my beautiful, baby girl!


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