Our first baby group

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My new year’s resolution is to sign Freya and I up for some baby groups…so here goes!

Until now I’m ashamed to say we haven’t tried any, I blame moving house and work, but it’s probably more to do with me being a little nervous. What if Freya starts crying and I can’t control her? What if I don’t fit in with the other mums? And so on. But when I found freya tearing the sheets from a toilet roll, before pushing her face into the side of the bath, I realised she probably needs more than me for entertainment. I know that interacting with other babies will help her development, and now we’ve finally settled in Hither Green, I’d love Freya and I to make some local friends. So I researched the groups on my doorstep and found there were loads of really interesting ones! (See below for my tips on finding out what’s on in your area)

Finally, I had to actually bite the bullet and go to a group. It was at my local children’s centre that I made my first daunting entrance. Within minutes of arriving I quickly realised that however shy I felt, Freya would be in charge of any introductions. In fact she crawled away from me and took a tractor off a little boy, before emptying a box of toys and staring at the other toddlers with a look of utter concentration. It was incredible to see her interacting with the other babies, even when one little boy had a whole handful of her hair and we had to carefully uncurl his fingers from her blonde locks. I got chatting to the other mums, who admitted they loved the respite which comes with having your toddler occupied, if only for an hour or so a week. At the end of the group we all sang songs and I packed Freya off in her buggy with the happiest heart I’ve had for ages. Within seconds my little girl, famed for her boundless energy, had fallen fast asleep. Bliss!

The netmums website offers local listings of baby goups, children’s centres and pre-school classes, as well as member comments.

Next I registered us at our local library and found they ran weekly Baby Bounce sessions.

My local Sure Start children’s centre, also runs several groups for mums and babies a week.

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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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