Freya’s Hearts

Today we went to our first Baby Bounce at the local library for a sing song. Freya couldn’t contain herself when she saw 30-or-so potential playmates sitting with their mums and dads by the children’s books, and she giggled as she proudly took ownership of a plastic shaker and some bells. I sat there feeling quite excited. We’re all going to sing happy songs with our babies! Why haven’t I done this before? Look what I’ve been missing! This is going to be FAB. My joy was short-lived. Because as soon as the songs began I realised I did not know any of them. I did try to join in, but my versions sounded more like err bobbin up err clap clap (that’s Wind The Bobbin Up) or errr zoom, err moon, soon (Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We’re Going To The Moon) I tried to sing along and copy the other mums’ hand actions, with Freya accidentally bashing her shaker into my face all the while, but I have to admit it became quite stressful.

Luckily towards the end of the session, some of our old favourites Wheels On The Bus and If You’re Happy and You Know It cropped up and I sang along proudly, possibly going over the top with the wheels and the clapping.

But it all made me realise what a vital and fun part of my baby’s learning I’ve been missing. I do sing with Freya from time to time, but in an absent-minded, rather than let’s learn something new way. I had no idea just how many wonderful songs and actions there are for us to learn together.

As soon as I got home I started googling baby song lyrics, and I’ve decided Freya and I are going to learn a new one each week. To start us off, this one looks like fun, the baby starts off lying down pretending to be asleep, then wakes up hopping around…

See the little bunnies sleeping til it’s nearly noon,
Shall we wake them with a merry tune?
Oh so still,
Are they ill?
Shh shh shh
Wake up sleeping bunnies hop hop hop,
Wake up sleeping bunnies hop hop hop,
And stop!

I also found a lot of lyrics at the

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  1. Baby song lyrics are the best 😀 Except…that they are so catchy that they stay stuck in your head for quite some time…!


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