Freya loves vintage

I’ve always loved second-hand shopping, but when it came to my baby I never thought I’d go vintage. Part snobbery and part just-plain-silly, I wanted my precious girl to have the very best. And to me that meant new. Of course I was happy – and grateful – to borrow clothes from friends whose babies had grown out of them, but a stranger baby’s clothes? No thanks.

That was before I discovered she could be wearing Burberry, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren!

We moved to Hither Green in October last year and discovered a little treasure chest right on our new doorstep. Love Me Again is a baby boutique, which stocks nearly new baby clothes. They’ll only accept quality clothing and they regularly have designer baby clothes. In fact, just before Christmas I found a yellow Burberry mac for £12, for Freya to wear in the spring. I’ve also bought her Zara baby dresses and skinny jeans. This very afternoon I saw a beautiful pale pink Burberry dress for £30, which would have made Freya look so refined – but I had to stop myself. Although I still might run back and buy it… it all depends upon my powers of restraint.

Of course it makes sense that as babies grow so fast, there are some treasured pieces which just don’t get enough wear out of them to warrant the bin. So what better way to do your bit for the environment than to recycle their gorgeous outfits? It made me realise it’s actually a very special thing for more than one baby to treasure an item of clothing.

So, to celebrate my new love of vintage baby shops, I’ve found a few links to help you track down a thrifty bargain!

The Netmums website has a great Nearly New section where you can scour your local board to see who’s selling baby bits in your area.

The NCT website has details of local nearly new sales which are going on in your area.

Love Me Again, baby boutique.

Cherish Baby has a selection of new and nearly new clothes, equipment and toys online.

Nappy Valley has quality baby clothes and equipment for sale.

Preloved is a website where members can post free ads selling second hand goods, check out their baby section.

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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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  1. Hello there! Thank you for your kind comments about Love Me Again! Very much appreciated. It’s great that you embrace exactly what we’re about. X


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