Daddy Daycare

It’s been a revolutionary day for mums and dads in the workplace! Today we saw the 9-5 future of new parents take on a 21st century shift…

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced changes to paternity leave with flexibility being the buzz word. Right now dads get a fortnight, but in April women who decide to return to work before the end of their year allowance will be able to transfer the rest of their leave (up to six months) to their partner. And he also announced a consultation on plans which could see men and women share their leave even more, with men able to take up to ten months off. If consultation goes well and the plans come into force in 2015, they could see parents divide their time off in chunks rather than one stretch of leave, or taking time off together as a family.

Here’s what he said about the current system:

“That’s an Edwardian system that has no place in 21st century Britain. Women suffer. Mothers are expected to take on the vast bulk of childcare themselves. If they don’t, they very often feel judged. If they do, they worry about being penalised at work. Children suffer, too often missing out on time with their fathers – time that is desperately important to their development.”

I’m happy Nick Clegg is so in touch with how a lot of working women feel right now and I also feel like my little family will have more options open to us if I do ever have another baby. Although, if I’m really honest I still can’t be sure I’d be able to hand over the nappy bag after two months, or three or four…in fact he might just have to fight me for it…

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