Freya’s Nappy Nightmare

I won’t go into too much detail on this one…but ever since Freya had a bad tummy bug in December, her nappies have been less than favourable. In fact I would describe them as explosive at best, terrifying at worst. We’re definitely keeping Pampers in business right now, and as for Dettol – well, we’re getting through bucketloads because explosions aren’t exclusive to nappies and do also happen at bathtime. Ok, that’s enough detail – you get the idea.

After weeks of visits to the doctor we’ve tried everything from a basic diet of banana, rice and bread (that was a tough) to cutting out her two bottles of formula a day (even tougher). Now, after a stool sample has revealed she hasn’t got a bug – I thought we’d reached a wall and Freya would be forever known as the girl you don’t go into the toilet after. Or worse, that it meant she had something terribly wrong with her digestive system. But the doctor seemed sure that this means Freya is lactose intolerant. She handed me a special formula called Aptamil Pepti, and after reading the box I found that “the cows milk protein has been broken down into smaller pieces which makes it easier to tolerate and digest.” She said to come back in two weeks.

“An allergy?” I said…panicking. I had a picture in mind of a pale, frail child who can’t eat cheese, glorious cheese, or her favourite lunch of scrambled eggs… Poor Freya! But the doctor has assured me that this isn’t an allergy but is very often a temporary intolerance to lactose caused by a bad tummy bug. Apparently this can happen after a bug in babies and adults too…and it’s where they have become deficient in lactase which breaks lactose down. She insisted it is only temporary.

The good news is that regular weight checks have shown that despite Freya’s nappy nightmare she is still growing and putting on weight healthily, the bad news is it can take between three and four weeks for her to have a normal nappy. I’m off to check out the lactose-free treats on offer in Sainsbury’s….oh how I hope this is the answer!


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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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