My cushions

When Freya was a newborn I thought I’d never have an evening snuggling on the sofa watching the telly ever again! I used to dream of sipping wine while watching a whole programme from start to finish in blessed peace. Then, when Freya started going to bed at 7pm, I didn’t know what to do with myself! I’d sit there on the sofa twiddling my thumbs and feeling desperate to do something! I know that being a mum is one of the best and biggest jobs in the world, but at the end of the day I found myself wanting to do something for me.

It was my mum who suggested I take up sewing, and she even got me one of the super cute John Lewis Mini Sewing Machines in pink (£50). It was the inspiration I needed…and as I started winding my first bobbin, I felt myself unwind from my busy day. I haven’t stopped since! This last week I’ve been making cushions…I got a little bit carried away on Amy Butler fabric at the John Lewis sale in January! I loved the patterns so much, that I quilted them on to wadding and then made them into very comfy cushions!


About freyablog

I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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