A Toddler Tummy Bug

I think it’s fair to say that sometimes being a mum is all about kisses and cuddles, and sometimes it feels like one big struggle. Yesterday Freya had a tummy bug and it felt like we were tripping from one disaster to the next!

It all began when she decided she didn’t want any of the five breakfast options I offered her. Nor did she want her morning nap, but she did want to throw her teddy and toothpaste into the toilet and then start crying because she couldn’t cuddle teddy. So, we shrugged off any negative vibes and went to pick up her prescription from the doctors. It wasn’t ready. Trudging home empty-handed in the rain we discovered that somewhere along the way Freya’s hat had been lost.

I made us lunch and calm was restored with a cup of tea (for me) until seconds later when Freya brought up everything she’d eaten. After a baby-cleaning mission and many tears, we found ourselves queuing up at the doctor’s again. Prescription finally in hand we got to Sainsbury’s and were just about to purchase a new tube of milk teeth toothpaste – when we found mummy’s bank card was missing. A quick trip to Customer Services and we discovered silly mummy left it there yesterday. “Phew!” I say! “We’ve cut it up!” The customer services lady says. Apparently it’s company policy that they can’t keep bank cards on the premises over night.

So, as this tummy bug appears to be spreading through every nursery, school and home in the country. I thought I should share the advice Freya’s doctor gave to me:

*If she has a temperature book her an appointment with the GP to get her checked over.
*Make sure your baby is kept hydrated with plenty of water, check her nappies to see that she is passing urine- if she isn’t she could be dehydrated.
*Don’t panic if baby doesn’t want to eat solids, water is key when she is vomiting. When she does start to want food again, try her on a bland diet of bread, rice, banana and potato.
*You can get electrolade or dioralyte sachets from your GP to replace the minerals she has lost.

About freyablog

I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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