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Picture the scene. I give Freya a rice cake, she throws it on the floor. I give her teddy, she throws him on the floor then she throws herself on the floor and starts kicking and screaming. Sounds quite normal…for a two-year-old. But she isn’t two, she isn’t even one-and-a-half! Could my baby being throwing temper tantrums six months early? I found myself googling “17month-old-baby” and “temper tantrums” last night. And for once the internet did actually calm some of my fears. I found countless other mums and dads saying their babies appeared to be throwing tantrums way ahead of time.

It turns out that the terrible twos don’t always happen the day after a child turns two. They can come earlier or later and actually it’s very easy to understand. For Freya I think her frustration lies in the fact she can’t tell us what it is she wants or how she is feeling. And she can’t understand why we have to stop her from doing certain things, like climbing inside the washing machine. I found lots of information in this link.

Tips on how to react and calm a high pressure situation without losing control yourself have helped me feel like next time it happens I’ll be much more in control. I’m looking forward to seeing if they work! I’m also trying not to show my shock when Freya throws herself to the floor with abandon, but it’s hard. Where’s that padded room when you need it?

Here are some more websites and articles with advice on toddler tantrums:






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  1. With both of my children, I found 1 to be a much more difficult age then 2. By the time they were two, the tantrums were much less frequent and easier to deal with, by 2 1/2 the tantrums had stopped. Stay strong, they will pass, and remember that most of us parents have suffered in the store with a tantruming child.

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