Daddy is top dog now…

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This weekend Freya spent her first couple of days home alone with daddy, while I went off drinking Pinot in Southend with my school friends. Nurofen in hand, I couldn’t wait to get home to them both yesterday. In fact I spent the journey home wondering if Freya would have desperately missed her mummy…maybe she’d even been calling out for her mama and would run into my open arms upon my return!

So you can imagine my dismay when within seconds of closing the front door behind me I realised there had been a seismic shift in our home. In my absence daddy had become top dog. Hints were when only daddy could wipe her snotty nose,  when it was daaada! she ran to when she bumped her head on the edge of the sofa, and guess who got the privilege of curling up on the sofa with her and her bottle before bed? Daddy. But more shocking than all of this was the realisation that I was not just a teensy bit jealous, but overcome with hurt. Plus some possibly misplaced and irrational anger towards daddy, who had clearly looked after her a little too well. 

My mum’s always on speed dial at times like these, and she managed to reassure me that Freya will have many phases where she is more attached to her mummy, then her daddy and then her mummy again and so on. She is only a baby and it doesn’t mean she loves me any less. But typically Freya chose this morning to refrain from grabbing hold of me and crying when I dropped her off at nursery, instead choosing to wave and smile with glee. Now I am not reading too much into this and have instead chosen to laugh it off and look forward to picking her up later…but has anyone else experienced what appears to be fickle toddler syndrome? Oh the perils of being a mum…


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  1. Feat not as my son does the same. When he was a ‘wee-bub’ of a baby he only wanted cuddles with me, and would break down into full on sobbing when my husband tried to give him his bedtime bottle.

    Now though, if he had a choice he would spend every waking minute with his Daddy. The smile he gives him when he comes home from work is a special grin from ear to ear which he never gives me.

    However I try to look at it that I am very lucky to have a husband who is such a great father to our son, and logically realise that my son loves me just as much, just in a different way. Mummy is dependable, there all the time, saying ‘no’ a thousand times a day. Daddy is the fun one, who gets to spin him round and round without worrying if he is going to be sick. If his Daddy looked after him and I went to work then I am sure that I would become the fun one, because like you said – kids are fickle. But we love them no matter what!

  2. Thank you for your comment, makes me feel much better.And you are right, we are lucky to have such good daddies! x


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