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Last night I opened my latest copy of Grazia and felt tears spring to my eyes within seconds. I can honestly say I have never had such a strong reaction to a feature in my life. It was about a campaign by the magazine in conjunction with stillbirth and neonatal charity Sands, which is
calling for the government to give more funding to research on the possible causes of babies dying during or shortly after birth. I already knew that the UK comes 33rd out of 35 countries in the developed world for its rates of stillbirth. But I didn’t know about the 17 exhibition which has been organised by a man called John Kemp who sadly lost his son Alexander at 33 weeks. After finding the experience so terribly shocking and painful, he decided to raise awareness of the issue by asking other families who had gone through similar experiences to share their stories. The result is a collection of 17 photographs of mums with their bumps, who sadly later lost their babies either at birth or in the days after. 17 is the number of mums who will lose their babies every day in the UK. However much medical advancement we may have had in the last decade, our stillbirth rates
haven’t changed for ten years. It is a painful but very important message. If you want to find out more about the Grazia petition click here.


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