Potty Training Day One

Over the last few weeks the Princess potty has been used as; a hat (Freya), a bath (dolly) and a carry-case (crayons). But crucially it has not been used as a toilet. That is, ever since Freya accidentally did a poo in it before Christmas. We’d put her on the potty one evening after bath time to give her a chance to get used to it and incredibly she did a poo straight away. But when she saw what she’d done she was mortified exclaiming, “oh no! Freya made mess!” We quickly applauded and encouraged her, thinking we had a potty-training genius on our hands, and while she did eventually clap her hands she wasn’t at all sold on the concept. So, we began day one with a small mountain to climb.

Gina Ford suggests starting to train after breakfast by introducing the concept of knickers over nappies and to begin encouraging your toddler to sit on the potty every fifteen minutes for five to ten minutes at a time. She also suggests using books and cassette tapes to stop them getting bored. Jo Frost suggests again giving her knickers, but also pressing gently below her belly button to show her that when she needs the wee she will feel it there. She also suggests monitoring how much she drinks, and prompting her to go to the potty when you feel the time is right. Apparently the key is to be casual, sit her on the potty and tell her to wee wee, avoid any distractions bar perhaps a running tap and make sure not to watch so she doesn’t feel too pressurised.

I feel well-armed with varied advice but first I need Freya to sit on the potty. We begin by reading the Princess Polly book, which has already become a firm favourite. Then we discuss how Freya is a big girl and that she can now wear knickers! She picks out which shade of pink she’d like to wear, but we agree that she will need to sit on the potty if she wants to wear them. Amazingly she agrees to sit on her potty with her knickers on, but refuses to lower them. Next we emptied the pack of knickers and put them on all her dolls and teddies, and when I sat teddy on our spare potty and took her knickers down, amazingly Freya did the same! I found I couldn’t keep her on the potty without encouraging her to stay there by watching her favourite television programmes and reading books. In the end we spent the whole day on and off the potty, we had four accidents on the floor and one poo in her knickers, but nothing in her potty. Still, I feel like we have come a long way, even though the potties still haven’t been christened…


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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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