Day Two: It’s all gone to potty

Freya and I began the day discussing her favourite knickers over breakfast, commenting on how well Princess Polly (now a firm friend) has been doing with her own potty training, and talking about the importance of weeing in a potty over, say, knickers. But within a couple of hours we’ve already had two small accidents. The first happened when I answered the door to a delivery, the second when I answered the phone to my mum. I’m learning that potty training involves full and continuous concentration. I took Jo frost’s advice, and while I avoided being at all negative I did take the time to point out how uncomfortable it must feel before I changed her into a dry pair of knickers. At 12.45pm, just after her lunch, Freya did her first wee in her potty! Just a tiny, tinkle, but a definite wee. Now this would have been a more positive event had it not been so obviously painful to her. Holding her hand, she cried when she realised she was going to do a wee wee and asked for teddy. The three of us sat there together, me offering words of support when she got upset (it’s almost like I’m a birth-partner but actually I’m a potty-partner) Just as I wondered whether this was all too painful, she did a big, long wee wee! As I cheered and clapped, she turned to me and said, “I’m tired.” And I led her off to bed. A double-first.

At 3pm, after her nap and a snack, Freya sat on the potty for fifteen minutes, then stood up and said “knickers on.” Moments later it’s apparent she has had an accident. We decided to try another tip from Jo Frost and move the potty into the bathroom, I ran the tap and she sat on the potty. But again she panicked just as she was about to do her wee wee, jumping up from the potty and making another puddle. Poor Freya hates making a “mess” but again at 5.30pm we had a similar incident. By now we were both exhausted in a Dettol fume haze so I decided to run a bath before dinner, nappy and bed. Is it meant to be this hard? I’m starting to wonder whether she is ready after all…


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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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