The Two Year Review…

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This morning I found myself swinging the hoover around while cleaning yoghurt off the wall while trying to get freya to agree that the sun is YELLOW and a CIRCLE. Repeat after me CIRCLE. The girl who still calls every colour green looked both shocked and confused by my pushiness. Why was I acting so mad? It was the day of her two-year development review and she was having it at home. From the day I received the letter with the details of the appointment I knew it would be one of those days.

One of those days where I would try to disguise the fact that I constantly have a toddler on a high-speed rampage through our flat, it is her mission to unearth every single possession we have (whether it be toy, teddy or teapot) and decant it not just in the wrong place but all over the place. I also knew that not only would I feel the need to make our home look tidy, clean and safe, but, (and I still had enough sense to know this) the actual reason for the health visitor’s visit was not to see that my cushions were on the sofa, but that my child is developing well, and is happy and healthy. So, that is why I spent the morning pushing her to tell me the colour of Winnie the Pooh’s top (RED) while I ran from one chore to another. By the time the health visitor arrived I felt absolutely cream crackered and Freya was still insisting the sun was the sun.

And once again I learnt too late that I needn’t have worried. The health visitor didn’t get out her white gloves and check I’d dusted on top of the telly but she did make Freya feel at home and as my little girl showed off all her toys, pointed out her body parts, and fetched her favourite book I could tell she was happy with her. And apparently two-year-olds don’t usually know all their shapes and colours! Who knew? As the health visitor told Freya she was a very clever girl and we wouldn’t see her again until she started school I breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe the sun can go on being the sun for a little while longer.


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I am Freya's mummy and a freelance writer living in Hither Green, London.

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