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The Dummy Fairy

Freya and I might look all innocent and smiley when we see you in the street but we hide a deep, dark, slightly dirty and a little mouldy inside, secret. Every night, before Freya goes to sleep, I give her a dummy. Now, if she were three weeks old this wouldn’t be a problem, if she were three months old, so what? But the fact of the matter is she is nearly three-years-old! Every morning I squirrel her dummy away hoping she won’t mention it at nursery, praying she won’t ask for it in public. I know she shouldn’t still be relying on it, but we’ve tried to go without it several times and not only have we not slept a wink, but half the street probably hasn’t either. Excuses aside, house move done, new nursery settled and with a work-free week ahead, now was the time to get rid of the dummy…

It all started off quite fun. We got a cardboard box and lots of colourful bits of paper, sparkles and glitter and set to work decorating a box for the dummy fairy.



We talked about how the dummy fairy would be coming soon to take Freya’s dummies to soothe the newborn babies who couldn’t talk and had no teeth. Freya liked this concept but kept insisting that the dummy fairy would be coming tomorrow, not today. Okay. We also discussed Freya’s beautiful smile and how her teeth might start pointing outwards all goofy if she kept sucking on her dummy. Turns out Freya is really quite vain and didn’t like the thought of this. On Monday we told Freya an exciting thing would be happening that night, the dummy fairy would come and take her dummies and leave magic fairy dust behind which would help Freya to sleep, as well as a few special presents as a thank you. Freya happily put the dummies in the box (yes, we were surprised too) and that night we placed it by the window in the front room. We then found a card from the dummy fairy herself on the doormat. Please don’t judge me..I know it’s a little cringey:


When we read the card together it was all so magical! Freya had wonder in her eyes. Four hours later she was acting like a crack addict without a hit. We kept reading the card together and she did believe in it, she wanted the dummy fairy to come, but she had to re-train herself to sleep without her dummy and it wasn’t easy. By the morning we had all had just a couple of hours of sleep and next door were probably on the phone to environmental health but Freya had done it, her first night without her dummies. We’d sprinkled fairy dust (star confetti) from her bed down to the front room where her dummy box had gone and in its place were some presents – a Saxophone from Early Learning Centre and some Peppa Pig stickers. Freya was so proud of herself and the presents were the boost she needed to, well, carry on with life with really. Last night we prepared for battle again. This time Freya cried until 9pm and then slept through until 7am. A fantastic result! I am slightly worried by the fact she told me this morning that her dummies would be back in two days when the babies didn’t need them anymore. I’m fairly sure there will be some more ups and downs on the road to a fab dummy-free lifestyle – but we are getting there! Has anyone got any great tips for getting rid of the dummy?