About Freya’s Blog, by Freya

I’m a baby and my name’s Freya. My great grandad once told my mummy that everyone has a story in them. She didn’t know what hers was until she noticed that every day I do something new, exciting and totally original. Not only that, but politicians, medical experts, and other mummies and babies like us, are changing the shape of my future every single day. So, once I started sleeping and doing my routine (well, most of the time…) my mummy set up this blog to document all the changes in my world – there’s at least one every day – as a kind of diary of my baby life. Because she didn’t want to forget a single thing. And because, for now, I’m her story.

We hope you like it.

Love Freya x


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  1. naw, love that! how lovely to be someone’s story. I am waiting avidly for the next installment 🙂 x

  2. Having spoken with you quite a lot today, I thought I’d be nosey and check out the little footnote at the bottom of your email. And with great pleasure might I add! Having had 3 children I can relate to all of your stories … and with my youngest at only 9 months old … am being reminded of all I have to come! What a wonderful writing talent you have and what an adorable daughter it sounds you have also. Wishing you both all the health and happiness in your futures … and I look forward to future instalments 🙂


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