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Parent-Proof Your Relationship

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If you’re expecting your first baby you’ve probably started to do your research – you might be tracking her development as she grows in your tummy or perhaps you now know the pros and cons of every buggy on the market! The question is, have you given the same care and attention to your relationship? Having a baby turns your couple into a family and while that’s a fairly seismic shift, it doesn’t need to be stressful. I’ve written a feature for Prima Baby & Pregnancy on this very subject and you can check it out here!


Baby-friendly jewellery at last…

Most of the time the worlds of fashion and baby clash horribly. For example; sick on nice dress, nappy bag instead of pretty bag, tears whenever we go into Topshop (Freya’s…and then eventually mine). So when I read about a new necklace which is actually a baby teether I smiled at the sheer brilliance of it. I used to love big, bold necklaces and I still have a jewellery box full of them but for the last two years my neck has been woefully bare. I still remember the sharp sting of a chain being gripped around my neck, or the day Freya actually caused a bead explosion in a coffee shop. How could I forget?!

Necklaces became a thing of the past, but now all that has changed! Clever mummy Jenny McLaughlan has designed GUMIGEM, a necklace with a silicone pendant which is perfect for teething babes to have a chomp on. It can even be sterilised or put in the dishwasher. Denise Van Outen has already raved about hers in her Prima Baby column and Michelle Heaton’s been wearing one too. The best bit of course is that it won’t break the bank, you can buy them for between £10-£12.50 here.

The Baby Show

Yesterday our little family took a trip to The Baby Show. Now, at fourteen months Freya is practically a toddler but I’m trying to hang onto every little bit of her beautiful babyness while I can…from her smell, to her soft skin and sleepy cuddles! There was no way I could turn down the chance of a whole baby-focussed day. As we approached the entrance to London’s Excel and saw lots of mummies, daddies, bumps, babies and buggies heading through the doors, Freya started kicking her legs in anticipation and my pace, and pulse, quickened. I could tell as we walked through the first stalls, programme in hand, we weren’t going to be disappointed. This was a baby mecca!

From the Pampers Changing Room (a room full of changing tables, mobiles, nappies and wipes) to the Tommee Tippee Feeding and Breastfeeding Area (complete with microwaves, bibs and bottle warmers) to the Fisher-Price creche and Emma’s Diary mum’s meeting point. We were in baby heaven. All the key product-players in my little baby’s life were there. From Plum to Ella’s Kitchen to Philips Avent, Britax, Stokke, Mothercare…I could go on and on. We even saw a giant replica of one of Freya’s favourite Fisher-Price toys…which made her laugh out loud with excitement! Plus lots of smaller boutique stalls with beautiful baby bits.

But the day wasn’t totally product-focussed, we had Freya’s picture taken by the experts at the Sonam Portrait Studios – taking away a free print and entering her in a competition to find the face of The Baby Show. (Fingers crossed!) We stopped at the Prima Baby stage and listened to tips on baby nap times, picking up a copy for £1. Plus there were experts to talk to at the Tommy’s Meet the Midwives and Health Visitors Centre.

We were very well restrained and (ironically) only bought Freya her first pair of reins discounted to half price. Plus we took away a lot of food samples and freebies. This is a must for anyone who needs to kit out their nursery or wants to learn more about babies. And there’s still time, the show runs from February 18-21. Tickets on the door are £20 (including programme).Find out more here

It’s fair to say we all needed an afternoon nap by the end…